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CellNetworks is an interdisciplinary research cluster centered around Heidelberg´s life sciences. The Heidelberg life science community features an unparalleled number of internationally well-noted institutions. CellNetworks assembles excellent groups focusing on research in molecular life science and computational sciences, chemistry and physics to tackle fundamental questions in cell biology, its network structure and architecture, dynamics and regulation.


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Posted August 08 2018
Medical technology, clinical medicine and public health first in Germany – biosciences also fare extremely well READ MORE
Posted August 08 2018
New research result by EMBL scientists - First global survey of soil genomics reveals a war between fungi and bacteria READ MORE
Posted July 30 2018
Imaging and tracking a key player in the disease made possible by a new marker:
Because of its frequent occurrence and socio-economic relevance, Alzheimer’s disease is a major subject of biomedical research, and many pieces of the puzzle of its origin are already in place. However, methods for tackling certain important unsolved questions about the molecular basis of the disease are still missing in the researchers’ toolbox. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research and Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg have now developed a tool for studying one of the key players involved in the disease. This new marker allows tracking and imaging of the enzyme BACE1 without requiring antibodies or genetic manipulation. The marker could be valuable in the development of new therapies.
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