Welcome to the website of the Cluster of Excellence Cellular Networks - CellNetworks.


CellNetworks is an interdisciplinary research cluster centered around Heidelberg´s life sciences. The Heidelberg life science community features an unparalleled number of internationally well-noted institutions. CellNetworks assembles excellent groups focusing on research in molecular life science and computational sciences, chemistry and physics to tackle fundamental questions in cell biology, its network structure and architecture, dynamics and regulation.


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Posted January 17 2018
TODAY: SFB 1129 Renewal Symposium 2018 on "Integrative Analysis of Pathogen Replication and Spread". READ MORE
Posted January 10 2018
The Chica and Heinz Schaller Foundation is delighted to announce the presentation of the 2017 Chica and Heinz Schaller Research Award given to excellent young scientists for outstanding achievements of biomedical relevance in Heidelberg. READ MORE
Posted December 18 2017
For the 21st time, the PHOENIX group honors excellent work in the field of pharmacological Research and Development. The award includes prize money of 40,000 euros and is one of the most renowned awards in the German-speaking area. With the help of this research award, basic pharmacological research in Germany, Austria and Switzerland should be supported. READ MORE
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